Heritage Heroes

This baby is in the printing press right now!

Started doing the graphics in 2013 (then the game was called WonderWars) and now it's finally being funded so that UNESCO can print it for all school children in Denmark. Can't wait to see it in real life!


Spiel Essen 2015

I just came from Essen! I met loads of awesome people and handed out so many business cards. We bought 31 games! Yikes! Looking forward to play them!

Graphics For A New Game

The owner of ButtonShyGames contacted my on Boardgamegeek and we ended up working together making this game called North South East Quest. He made the gameplay (it is a storytelling card game) and I made the look for the game, both the graphics and illustrations. In August it will be fundraising on Kickstarter. Stay tuned!

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