Oh baby!

I only have a few days till my due date! Off to maternity leave!

Hemnes drawers renewed

I bought this pastel colored Hemnes drawers second hand. I didn't liked the look of it so I decided to do some upcycling (and I also needed a changing table for my unborn child).




New Game Concept

First draft for a board, it's a co-operative game where player try to keep a (very unlucky) body alive as a team.


I'm now working on graphics for a travelling restaurant. It's a hard job since I'm crave langoustine all the time while working!

Fablab Fun

I went to Fablab in Copenhagen and made this stand for my earrings. I have sooo many and they needed somewhere to be. I'm so happy with the result! Now I'm always picking out new ones to wear :)

Edward Scissorhands

I was asked to illustrate a scene from a cult movie for a series of post cards. From the list of cult films the movie Edward Scissorhands jumped at me, an old favorite of mine. I loved drawing it!

Bunny Muffins

I just finished illustrating a children's cookbook, called Bunny Muffins. I'll post more from the book later ;)


Spiel Essen 2015

I just came from Essen! I met loads of awesome people and handed out so many business cards. We bought 31 games! Yikes! Looking forward to play them!

Bunny Muffins Fundraiser

A cooking book for children by ChefsNshape, illustrated by me, is now on PubSlush! ChefsNshape believe that children’s nutrition starts at an early age and with this book kids will be begging to cook with their families. 41 day to go!

New Portfolio Cover

Today I drew a new cover on my portfolio! The little drawings are all things I like or own or find interesting or I just like drawing. Fun!


New Business Cards!

Graphics For A New Game

The owner of ButtonShyGames contacted my on Boardgamegeek and we ended up working together making this game called North South East Quest. He made the gameplay (it is a storytelling card game) and I made the look for the game, both the graphics and illustrations. In August it will be fundraising on Kickstarter. Stay tuned!

More here!


Now I have opened an account on Fiverr!  Fiverr is a platform where people can buy and sell micro-services for five dollars. Click the picture to go to my Fiverr site.

Frames and stiches

I got a half finish present some time ago, a cross stitch of the characters from Holy Grail. When I was finished I realized I couldn't find a frame easily so I made one in Fablab. While I made that I also made a biscuit inspired frame for a Hansel and Gretel 3D postcard I got from my mom.

Hulda - update

We are still working on Hulda, a point and click viking-age game. 

This is how the prototype looks like now :D