Búbót is a local farmers store, located just outside of Selfoss on the south coast of Iceland. The store is run by the farmers on the farm Lækur. Fresh meat, vegetables, eggs and other seasonal products from the surrounding area are sold in Búbót. Branding, trade mark, interiors, packaging and concept was made in cooperation with the product designer Auður Ösp Guðmundsdóttir.

Búbót is located in an old house that back in the days used to be a school. We decided to refer to this history of the house by having the prices drawn on chalkboards and making a big map of Iceland on the wall to locate where the products currently in the store comes from.

Homemade ice cream was made under the same brand, Búbót, in the dairy farm Lækur. The flavors are inspired by the local food culture and seasonal harvests. The most popular ice creme was a rice-pudding-ice-cream-with-cinnamon, but other ice creme flavors were Icelandic honey, homemade hard candy, locally grown strawberries, wild blueberries and coffee.
The packaging are shaped like a slice of cake. That way you can assemble your very own ice cream cake with any flavors you want!