Cookie Jar RULES!

The Rulebooklet for the game is ready!

You can view it below, or download them here.


Creating Clay Cakes

Last evening I created some cake earrings from clay as a prize for the Karolinafund that is starting later today!


The end result are these four types of deliciousness.

Cookie Jar pro-printed prototype

Now I've just picked up a prototype from the local printer. I wanted to see how the colors and pictures looked printed from an industrial printer (not an office printer) and on both sides. I like it!

I can now use this prototype for the video and other photographs for the game ;)

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

I don't really know when or how I got the idea, but suddenly I had a prototype of a game in front of me. It was a remake of a game I love called LoverLetter. My game is about Icelandic Christmas cakes and cookies and the goal is to find the cookie thief. Here is my prototype that I have been carrying around to make my friends try and brainstorm with me.

Clay Miniatures

I love everything out of scale, either miniature or giant. I realized not so long ago that all of my earrings are in fact an objects, often a tiny everyday object, like a bubblegum dispenser, spoon or bag of popcorn.

I bought some fimo-clay earlier and thought I could make some earrings for myself. This is what I did.

Graduation Cake

I love baking. Yesterday I made these cakes for my boyfriends graduation :)
Chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting and homemade Oreo-cookies.

Adventure painting

I'm going to start a blog right here and now, focusing on stuff I like to do. Yesterday I painted figurines from the board game The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac with my good friend Auður Ösp. It was fun.

Here is the result.