Hi there!

I am Embla Vigfúsdóttir, a product and game designer. I am Icelandic but currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a freelancer, doing various work; illustrating books, making graphics for games and packaging design. I also make small drawings on Fiverr.

I graduated with BA in Product Design from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011 and in January 2014 I finished a MA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from the Games and Interaction line.

My interests are in creating games, mostly in creating the graphics but I've also done some game play mechanics. I enjoy making products in a broad sense of the word, ranging from packaging design, food design to experience design and cover art. In my free time I like to bake cakes, create miniatures, sew clothes, pet my cat and play loads of games. I try to go to Spiel Messe in Essen, Germany every year.

Since I'm very, very often asked what my name means I might as well explain it here:

Embla - the name of the first woman in Norse Mythology, Askur & Embla are similar to Adam & Eve, although Embla doesn't eat any apples.

Vigfúsdóttir - literal meaning: daughter-of-a-man-who-is-eager-to-kill. Very brutal when you think about it... Icelandic children get their last name from their father (or sometimes mother) with -dottir or -son ending.